The Smart Report: Ice Out 2012

Freedom — March 23, 2012 — When I last looked at North Broad Bay Thursday evening, most of the area was ice-covered. When I looked out this morning, there was no ice. I called a friend at the south end of the Big Lake and all of the ice in that area had melted.

I expect we will have an official Ice Out report as of today — Friday 3/23/12. If so this will be the earliest in recorded history.

Water level has been on a constant rise for several weeks with a reported high of 407.28′ (just over summer level) late Thursday evening. Outflow is now three times greater than reported inflow from the Bearcamp. All gates are reported to be open as of Wednesday.

Some rain is predicted for this weekend but clear after that. My neighbor put his dock in last Wednesday. I expect to put ours in next week.

Bob Smart

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  1. Ossipee Lake Alliance 12 years ago March 24, 2012

    Note from Bob Smart: ” Winnipesaukee ice out is determined by Emerson aviation and based on aerial observations as to when the MS Mount Washington can make all ports of call for the normal schedule (per the Union Leader, Roger Amsden, March 25, 2010). Ossipee ice out is determined by Peter Waugh, Ossipee Recreation Director, when all ice is out of all bays and coves (per the Conway Daily Sun, page 40, April 10, 2010).” The article link below is from today’s Union Leader saying Winni ice-out is official and is the earliest ever:


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