The Smart Report: Memorial Day and After

Freedom — May 30, 2012 — From a weather and water level standpoint, we had one of the best Memorial Day weekends in years. Warm weather, moderate boat activity, and no rain until Monday night. Then we had rain and more rain. The good news is that the rain was all warm water.

I worked in the water of North Broad Bay on Saturday afternoon and installed my dock with following observations:

•  Lots of pine tree pollen floating on the water and sticking to most things I touched.
•  Water temperature must be ok. I was concentrating on locating the dock between events of high water waves from passing boats. I was up to my neck but do not remember being cold.
•  Most of the day Saturday up to about midnight there was lots of boat activity. Sunday things were almost quiet.
•  So far there have been only a few black flies or other insects.

The lake level was at or just above the summer level of 407.25 last Friday. Today (Wednesday) the level is up to 408′ and so far no action has been taken to open the dam. We are in for several days of high water.

The DES website is back online at the same address. Sometime this morning data was added for readings since May 12th.


  1. Nichols Road Resident 12 years ago May 30, 2012

    It was very quiet on Monday as well, not many boats out at all, maybe a dozen at long sands. I don’t remember it being this quiet on Monmorial day. Water definately was noticably warmer on Monday than Sunday in the big lake. Thanks Bob for the report.

  2. Bob Smart 12 years ago May 30, 2012

    Gates were opened by 2pm Wednesday and no big rain in the forecast. Level should go up a few more inches and then be back down to summer level by early next week.

  3. Debbie 12 years ago May 30, 2012

    The weather was great. However, the fireworks were anoying. Years ago they happened only of the 4th of July, but now they start on Memorial Day and last the summer through. I tried to go to bed at 10PM, but didn’t fall asleep, due to the noise til after 11. Plus, where are all the debris from these fireworks going? Into our beautiful lake. Now, I know I’m getting old.

  4. W Crock 12 years ago May 30, 2012

    I agree that the fireworks are out of hand. It seems to be every weekend from Memorial day to Columbus day. I had hoped that the down economy would have curbed the excessive firework displays and fireworks competitions between different groups around the big lake. I have 2 dogs that are freaked out everytime the fireworks start. It freaks them out to the point we have to give them Xanax to keep them from trembling uncontrollably. If you “Patriotic” people want to really honor the holidays take the large sums of money used to purchase fireworks and donate it to the wounded soldiers foundation or any number of charities that help those who have served our country and came back wounded, jobless or with any number of stress disorders. Common curtesy would also dictate that many people are bothered by the constant barrage of fireworks and are forced to endure the noise pollution as well as the pollution being dumped into our beautiful lake. It reminds me of a TV commercial years ago where a proud Native American is standing in a trash covered road and a tear is streaming down his face. Don’t be “that guy” that ruins it for the rest.

  5. Freedom Resident 12 years ago May 31, 2012

    Freedom shorefront homeowners, keep an eye on the Ossipee waterfront court case. Support the cause. That stupid shorefront district established by Freedom’s so called leaders is a back door tax. Stand together and support the Ossipee case.

  6. Don MacLeod 12 years ago June 1, 2012

    Best Memorial Day weekend in years!

    Concur, the shorefront district seems little more than a scheme to disenfranchise non-residence. It would facilitate targeted taxation & zoning bylaws that town residents wouldn’t impose on themselves. It would shift , off the town as a whole, more of the cost liability of “district” betterments such as road paving , fire hydrants, etc… . On the plus side it lays the ground work for incorporating out of Freedom.


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