The Smart Report: Going Down Before Going Higher

Freedom — June 3, 2012 — My last report a few days ago (May 30th) listed the water level at almost a foot over summer standard and the dam was closed. At 2 pm that day, four and a half south side gates were opened. Water level dropped to about 9″ over summer level. Some rain all day yesterday (Saturday) and predictions of up to 5″ of rain today followed by rain the rest of the week.

I was at the dam at 11am yesterday when two big white trucks arrived with the words “Dam Bureau” on the doors. It was like having the mounted infantry come over the hill in an old western movie. The crew of two went to work, first opening south gate #4 all of the way, and then removing 40 of the stop logs on the north side. This is the first time I actually saw the logs come out. At 90 lbs. per log, this is heavy work, but they got the job done in less than an hour.

So far the increased flow rate does not show up on the State’s website.

If we really get half of the predicted rain, I think the lake level will reach 2-3 feet over summer level early this coming week. It’s time to tie down everything that floats.

It was 14 years ago starting on the 15th of June that we had a week of heavy rain and the water level reached over 413′ (6′ over summer level). The best nature has done since then is 410′ with a day or so reaching 412. Much credit goes to action of the Dam Bureau and people in big white trucks.

Bob Smart


  1. Don 12 years ago June 4, 2012

    Surprised that there are no replies to this report – There will be!

    I have guests staying at my place in Leavitt Bay and they called at 7:00am this morning to report that a pontoon boat (with an aluminum dock tied to it) had floated into the bay. They retrieved it, pulled it intro my beach, and secured it to a tree with a line. I called bothy of my abuters thinking it might be theirs. Neither of them owned the boat and dock but one of them called my guests only to learn that both of his jet skis had floated away. The jet skis were sitting unsecured on a jet ski dock. The prevailing currents in the bay all lead to the dam. 14 Years ago I witnessed the removal of a Mastercraft Ski boat from the dam with a huge backhoe (NOT A PRETTY SIGHT TO SEE). Check your stuff and be sure it’s all OK.

    PS: I contacted the Marine Patrol and they are on top of the two items I mentioned

  2. john 12 years ago June 4, 2012

    if you know that a large rain stom is heading our way and it is going to get here in three days and it is going to be here for two to 4 days and it is dropping 5 to 6 inc of rain that is going to be 4.05 to 5 feet in to the lake , and that is a bad flood , a lot of damage and a loss of money
    why doun”t they start dropping the lake at the first sign that there is a stom heading our way
    you do not have to get a fedral grant , or do a big study just a little common sence

  3. Zippy@the lake 12 years ago June 6, 2012

    Why is this high water happening so much???
    Maybe the summer level is too high…
    How bout droping it a foot.
    I sure am getting tired of cleaning up all the crap that floats onto my beach…


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