The Smart Report – After Sandy

Freedom — November 1, 2012 — We experienced a small amount of physical damage and about 1.5 inches of rain when Sandy came to visit. Some areas lost power and cable but most utilities are working now. We got cable back last night. Some high areas such as Durgan Hill had the most damage. Lake water level is doing the usual – flood. Up to almost 409 ft. this morning (Thursday) and continuing to increase. That’s an increase of almost 3 ft. in 3 days. During my drive on the Lake Road, Rt. 16, and Rt. 25E yesterday there was very high water in all of the rivers coming into the lake. Looks like the lake should crest somewhere just above 409 ft. (3 ft. above summer level) on Friday. Just a reminder – we always have a flood sometime in November – December.  This may not be the last one for 2012. Bob Smart

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