The Smart Report: 2013 Memorial Day Weekend

Freedom–May 25, 2013–So far the only good news for this weekend is the lake level. Reported level has been at or just below 407.25 (summer normal) for the last two+ weeks. Last Monday the level increased to almost an inch over 407.25. Prediction was for a wet week with potential for a few heavy rain days. The rain came every day in a range of .15 – .45 inches per day.

With a combination of very dry conditions and south side dam openings on Monday and Wednesday, the lake level decreased to just below 407.0 on Friday. One more day of predicted heavy rain on Saturday and it will be time to close some of the south side gates.

There have been three south side gate openings and two closings in the last two weeks. All in an effort to hold at 407’.

I had an Email response from Dan at the Dam Bureau in Concord. He confirmed that two layers of stop logs remain out of the north side, and there is a constant flow of water over the top boards. The south side gates are being used to make adjustments in the lake level. The expectation is that this procedure will reduce fluctuation in lake level as we go from wet to dry and back to wet days.

The bonus in doing this for lake observers is that we now have a constant waterfall on the Ossipee River and flowing water over the rocks on the north side.  A great photo op! In previous years all stop logs have been installed and all flow control done with south side gates.

As part of the Freedom OHW activities, Carol Foord from the Freedom Heritage Commission will lead a tour of the Ossipee River from Rt. 153 to the dams. This will include information on the foundry, saw mill, bridges and manufacturing that were located in this area. The event is scheduled for August 7, 2013 from 9:30 – 11:30 am.


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  1. 11 years ago May 28, 2013

    Best control of the dam by the State in many years.


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