The Smart Report: The Lake’s Ups and Downs

Freedom—December 10, 2013—As planned, the level of Ossipee Lake has been going down at a steady rate since Columbus Day in mid October. On November 27th, the level was reported as 404.47′.  Normal winter level is 404′. The temperature had been at or below freezing most of the day, but next to no snow since mid November.  Then on the 25th we had almost 1.6″ of rain in a confined area that drains into the lake. Some additional rain on the West edge on 11/30. All quiet since then.

Net result was a rapid increase in 2.5 days to 406.12′ on December 1st. Since then, the level has been going down at an average of 0.8″ per day, and as of last night was 405.5′. The level of feeder streams also remains high. This “flood” in December is not unusual, but is less than in most years.

Broad Bay has been iced over most of the time since Thanksgiving. Some open water late last week, but today it is ice shore to shore with an inch of snow that came down Monday. The big lake remains open but is iced in protected areas. Danforth, Crystal Lake and most of the small ponds are iced over with a thin layer. The good news is that ice-out is only four months away.

King Pine has man-made  snow on most areas. The lift at the lodge was running for staff training, with much activity on the slopes Sunday when I drove by. Scheduled public opening is 12/13/13.

Bob Smart

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  1. Bill 10 years ago December 11, 2013

    It is always good to receive news regarding the lake level and what is happening at the lake and King Pine.


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