NH House Passes $2 Boat Fee Hike for Milfoil Control

The following is an AP report from Boston.com

Concord–January 29, 2014– Boaters could pay an extra $2 to register their boats to raise money for the control of lake weeds under a bill given preliminary approval by New Hampshire’s House.

The bill had originally proposed requiring boats registered in other states to buy a decal to help fund a program to control milfoil, an invasive aquatic plant that damages a lake’s ecosystem.

The House voted 164-127 Wednesday to raise the registration fee instead when research showed the decal program would probably not break even. The money raised would be dedicated to the lake restoration and prevention program that works to control exotic weeds like milfoil.

Opponents argued it isn’t fair for state boaters to bear the full cost of the program.

The Ways and Means Committee next reviews the bill.

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  1. AJ 10 years ago February 2, 2014

    Charge out-of-state registered boats a higher fee for their decal, say $20 or $30. Legally registered NH boats would not need a decal because the $2 fee would be included with the proper registration.

  2. atony 10 years ago February 3, 2014

    That the bill works or not is irrelevant…..we
    are in a time in this counties history where the Gov. always knows best.
    Let’s just keep throwing money at the GOV and let them spend it any way they
    see fit. When will people realize that the Gov. already has more than
    enough money to function and manage services??


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