The Smart Report: Almost Empty

Freedom–April 1, 2014–It has been two months since my last report (“Almost Full”). During that time we have continued to have real winter with lots of snow and little melting. My driveway is packed with at least 2” of ice and sand.

The reported lake level has gone from a high of 407.21 (almost summer level) on 01/17 to a low of 404.09 in early March. The level was reported to be the same until 03/30/14 when it began going up. Last report today was 404.58.

Warmer weather (mid to upper 40s) and some rain last Thursday started a flow of water into the lake. I held off writing this report until the level went up for fear there was a problem with reporting equipment. Very unusual to have the level at 4.09 for weeks in a row.

Much snow and ice remains. If we get a steady inch or more of rain, the lake level will go up fast and high. So far very little rain is predicted.

All lakes and ponds remain ice-covered. There was a prediction in the paper that Winnipesaukee could remain iced over until mid-May. The same for Ossipee Lake.

See you in the spring.

Bob Smart

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  1. Bill 10 years ago April 2, 2014

    Thanks for the update Bob. We will be out of the area for another 2 weeks and appreciate seeing your report. It sounds like the lake level could go well above summer level once the run off starts. Please continue with the updates when ever you can.



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