The Smart Report: Ice-Out on Ossipee Lake

Freedom–April 26, 2014–The official 2014 Ice-Out date for Ossipee Lake was Tuesday, April 22, at 2 pm. The lake level has gone down from a high of 411′ to 407.25 today (Saturday) and is continuing to go down.  More on this when the information is available.

The official Ice-Out date for Winnipesaukee was Wednesday, April 23,2014 at 2:10 pm. The web site has an extensive three-page, year by year report on that lake’s Ice Out dates since 1898.


  1. TRAPPED4 10 years ago April 27, 2014

    So who won the contest?

  2. Cathie Bowen 10 years ago April 27, 2014

    saw first pontoon on lake on Friday. I also heard the loons! Guess spring is finally here!


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