The Smart Report: After Christmas 2014

We got water – lots of water.

During Christmas week the weather turned warm and the rain was upon us all through Christmas Day. Lots of snow and driveway ice melt. As for the lake level, it started at 405.99 on Christmas Eve and crested at 407.21 on Tuesday, 12/30/14, which is almost summer level. The north end of Broad Bay is now covered with ice. At last report there were some areas of open water on the big lake with some ducks swimming all in a line.

I was at the dam earlier this week. Water is flowing from both the north and south sides. No ice on the pond up river from the dam. All wooded areas remain snow-covered. Only light snow predicted for the future. Cold weather to remain.

I drove past King Pine yesterday. There was activity on both the tube and downhill areas.

I took a look back at the records from last Dec – Jan and was reminded that we had a lot more snow on the ground. Lake level ranged from 404.59 on 12/31/13 to 407.21 on 1/17/14. The level got down to 404.7 0n 3/18/14 but up to 409.21 on 4/19/14.

Everything was back to normal for start of the boating season on June 1st.

Bob Smart


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