The Smart Report: Ice-Out 2015

Freedom–April 28, 2015–It has been only one week since my last report that detailed the rapid increase in water level and an ice cap that just would not go away. On April 19 the level crested at 407.4′ and then began a decline until we had some rain a few days ago. The level went back up and crested at 408.8′ on April 23, a 1.4′ increase in just three days.

This high level (1.5′ over summer norm) began going down last Thursday. As of this Monday evening, the level is down to 407.45′ in just five days. The plan is to continue lowering the level for the next several weeks to allow for completion of north side dam repairs.

Last year we had a similar situation and the level got down to 406′ in mid May. Summer fill began and the level was back up to 407.25′ (Summer Level) by May 22.

As for ice cap on Ossipee – it was all gone by 8:45 a.m. on April 22, the same date as last year. Winnipesaukee was declared “Ice Open” at 4:34 p.m. on April 24. Several of the bays remained ice covered.

Long-range weather forecast for this week is a few light rain showers and temperatures up to high 50s. Best of all – no lake flies yet.

Bob Smart


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