The Smart Report: After Christmas 2015

Freedom — January 2, 2016 — We have lots of water in the lake and some snow on top of everything, including where there is a thin layer of ice in a few locations on the lake. There were seven kaikers on Broad Bay on Christmas day. Prior to Monday night, 12/28/15, we had on and off rain but no snow or road ice. Then conditions changed for the first time this winter.

We received 5″ of wet snow and temperatures at or below freezing. Reported lake level got up to 9″ below summer level by 12/29 with the dam wide open.  Level has now gone down at a rate averaging 1″ per day.

On New Year’s Eve there was a 30-minute display of fireworks from an area NW of the marina. All got quiet after 9 p.m.

In local news, all of the winter recreation areas now have snow and are open, including King Pine. Construction of the new Irving facility on Rt. 16 in Ossipee is moving ahead fast, and the Hannaford expansion has started.

Aubuchon Hardware (former Indian Mound Hardware) on Rt. 16 is preparing for construction of their expansion. News media are reporting that the medical facility in Tamworth has been sold and will open in February as an in-patient drug treatment center.  All very good news for the local economy.

Early Ice-Out may be only four months away.

Bob Smart

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