The Smart Report: Over The Top, May 2016

Freedom—May 6, 2016—Last evening (May 5) at 6 p.m. the reported Ossipee Lake level reached 407.37′ above sea level, and part of the south side dam was opened. Water flow increased from about 200 to 600 c.f.s and the lake level has stabilized. Every effort will be made to hold a level of 407.25 until Columbus Day, October 10.

NOTE: It took just eight days from closing the dam on April 27 to reaching summer level last evening.

The black flies have started to return but cold weather has slowed their activity.

Thanks to the State Dam Authority and the Ossipee Lake Dam Authority for watching and reacting to every trick Mother Nature sends our way. We now have five months of stable water level to enjoy.

Bob Smart

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