The Smart Report: After Columbus Day 2016

Freedom–October 19, 2016–The lake level has remained at the summer plan of 407.25 since my last report six weeks ago. This was better than I expected, since the few rain events during that time were small. The dam was almost completely closed until Columbus Day, with just a trickle of 30-40 cfs going east. The dam was opened to 330 cfs on 10/10 that began the planned drop of the lake level approximately 9″ today.

The dam was opened some more today, thus increasing water flow to 471 cfs. Not much rain in the forecast, so the lake level should continue to fall. Last year at this time was quite different with lots of rain and a level that just would not go down until end of December.

A summer-long project has been preparing the Ossipee Lake Road for a new surface coat. All of the pipes under the road including a large “tunnel” at Square Brook are complete. The tunnel project took a couple of weeks and had all traffic detoured during that time.

Last week a black top surface was finally placed over this trench in the road. Tuesday of this week the paving contractor was back on the job and laying a top coat starting at the west end. There is one lane travel around the work zone.

A report at the Select Board meeting Monday night was that construction and line painting will go into November. At the same time, a paving crew started work on Rt. 153 at Bennett Rd. and is moving south to Rt. 25 (I hope).

During a drive north on 153 Monday I looked over the lakes and ponds (Crystal Lake +) and they appeared to be at normal level. The dam at Purity Springs was closed when I checked it out a week ago. The downstream channel was dry.

Pine needles have started to fall but so far very few pine cones. Very few boats remain on the lake and many are in storage racks at the boat yards. Observed one pontoon boat on it’s way north this morning.

Bob Smart

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