The Smart Report: Frozen End of 2016

Freedom–December 19, 2016–Through the end of November we had nice extended fall weather. No ice or snow, and winter drawdown was on schedule with a reported level of 404.3’ at the end of November. Four of the five south side gates were open. Water level was below the top of the north side dam. All of the gates for the north side were in winter storage position.

Because of rain early in December, the lake level went up almost 1.5 ft. and crested at 405.66 on December 4. Since then, and with four south side gates open, the level is down to 404.6’.

Last Friday we saw one loon swimming and diving on Broad Bay and talking to someone.

Then the rain, snow, and cold weather returned. On the morning of Monday, December 5, we had 4-6” of snow on the ground ,and Broad Bay was frozen from shore to shore. The big lake had some ice too. Since then, more snow and some very cold (0 and below) temperatures. We had another 6” of snow yesterday.

Our dog was spooked during a walk along the shore yesterday because the lake was talking with snaps groans and crunches. I checked in with a friend on the big lake today and have a report that much of the surface is frozen but some open water remains.

Drove past King Pine yesterday and they appeared to be all snow covered. They were making snow at the Tube run. They open for winter sports today. Crystel Lake and the ponds all the way to Conway were frozen over.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Frozen North. Ice-out is only 14 weeks away.

Bob Smart


  1. John Hood 7 years ago December 20, 2016

    Thank you Bob Smart
    You are our eyes from afar , want to thank you for your time to keep us up to date , stay warm and be full of good cheer have a great Merry Christmas and looking forward for your reports for next year

  2. Joe walbridge 7 years ago December 20, 2016

    Thankyou Bob for this report. We appreciate the information. Joe Walbridge


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