The Smart Report: Spring 2017, Coming Soon

Freedom, February 26, 2017–Since my last report just before Christmas, most of New Hampshire, including Freedom, received heavy snow. The manger display on the church lawn had to be shoveled out twice so there would be room for baby Jesus and family on Christmas Eve.

On Friday the State reported lake level at 404.24 and I wrote about all of the snow remaining next to “all” roads.  Well that is out of date news, not fake news. On the way home from Howard Bouve’s memorial service yesterday afternoon, I was amazed at how much snow had melted the last two days in most open areas. It is only in the shaded areas like Bennett Road that 4-5 foot high banks of snow remain.

Some of the problem roads are starting to break up. Route 153 south of Conway is in bad condition all the way to Eaton. It is also bad from the Ossipee River north to the Village Road. West end of the Village Road starting at the Fire Barn is so bad that four signs have been put up stating “Bump.” I wonder if the road name will be changed to Bump Bump Road?

The ice cap on Broad Bay was covered with water that froze over last night. This morning there was a 6 – 8′ moat of open water off our beach. The dog was right, it is time to go beach walking and drink out of the lake. Reported lake level is now up to 405.25′, an increase of about 12″ in two days. Flow through the dam has increased from 360 to 640 cfs in the last five days. The dam has been wide open since last fall.

Time to think about Ice-Out? Ice-Out has been: 3/24/12, 4/14/13, 4/22/14, 4/24/15, and 3/24/16. I am voting for 4/1/17.

Prediction is for warm temperatures until the end of the week with some rain, but it looks like a return to late winter starting end of this week.

Bob Smart

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  1. P. W. H. Tung MD 7 years ago February 27, 2017

    Bob, always liked to read and appreciate your effort to publish your report.


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