Ossipee Voters to Consider Milfoil Control, a Town Beach, and Other Matters

Ossipee—March 10, 2017—Ossipee residents will convene at Town Meeting on Wednesday night, March 15, to approve the annual budget and consider a variety of warrant articles, including several pertaining to the lake. Discussion and voting will begin at 6:30 p.m. at Town Hall.

Among the questions under consideration is Article 22, which asks voters to allocate $26,000 to the Invasive Species Control Fund. The fund is used to pay the annual cost of treating milfoil infestations in Ossipee Lake. The warrant article has the unanimous backing of the Select Board and Budget Committee.

Also up for consideration is Article 15, which would set aside $25,000 in a Capital Reserve Fund for the possible acquisition of land for a town beach on Ossipee Lake. Voters agreed to a similar beach fund 12 years ago contingent on the state leasing part of Ossipee Lake Natural Area to the town for $100. That plan fell apart because of environmental concerns and the opposition of abutting property owners.

In regard to the new proposal for a beach fund, Selectman Richard Morgan has hinted the town has a lakefront property in mind for a beach, but no details have been released on the projected cost to purchase, develop, and manage it. The Capital Reserve Fund proposal has the unanimous support of the Select Board and Budget Commission.

Article 27 asks residents if they want to accept a donation of a “build-out” study funded by Dan Hole Pond Watershed Trust. The warrant article states that the study, which is a typical planning tool, could be used for informational purposes by town boards and commissions and to update the Master Plan.

The Select Board has opposed the study in the past, but the published list of warrant articles does not indicate the board’s position on the donation. On Thursday the Carroll County Independent published an editorial urging voters to accept the donated study.

Only Ossipee residents can vote at Town Meeting, but non-resident Ossipee taxpayers from the lake may attend. By tradition, such taxpayers may also request approval to ask questions and make comments. The decision is up to the moderator.


  1. DS 7 years ago March 11, 2017

    Non resident taxpayers don’t get to vote…. 2nd class citizens apparently! but that’s ok cuz.I think they get a break on their R/E taxes #classaction

  2. Phil Moore 7 years ago March 11, 2017

    Perfect example of “local control” & financing in action. Far superior to when Washington DC bureaucrats try to run things.

  3. Bob McDonald 7 years ago March 12, 2017

    Does anyone have any details regarding the Town Beach proposal, e.g. location, beach management and maintenance, etc., etc.. Everything I have seen thus far is absent specifics. Anything that can be shared would be great.


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