The Smart Report: Ice-Out 2017

Freedom–April 18, 2017–The official ice-free on Lake Winnipesukee was declared by Emerson Aviation as 8:31 a.m. Monday, April 17, 2017. Last year the date was March 18th, one of the earliest dates on record.

There will be no official 2017 ice-out date for Ossipee Lake this year. In previous years, this date has been researched, established, and reported by the Ossipee Park and Recreation Department. The previous director retired last year, and the new staff is trying to learn and perform all of the department tasks. Ice-out did not get done for 2017, but should be up and running for 2018.

Yesterday (Monday) I made a few calls to people living on the lake and bays. All areas are reported as ice-free except for the Broad Bay area behind the Camp Huckins island. The weather continues to be warm, with some sun and light wind. Possible rain tomorrow.

So, I propose we can agree on a date of Tuesday, April 18, 2017 at 3 p.m. as ice-out on our lake. Last year the date was March 24, one of the earliest on record for Ossipee Lake.

The lake crested at almost 410’ (2+ feet over summer level) last Friday, and then started a slow decline until warm weather the last two days kept the level stable. The decline should continue until the 405′ level is reached around mid-May. This lowered level is required so that the stations and stop logs can be installed on the north side of the dam.

No black flies yet, but the ticks are back.

Bob Smart

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