The Smart Report: Ice on the Rise

Freedom—April 12, 2017—The Freedom area is starting the second week of spring weather and no prediction of a return to winter. TV news is reporting ice-out on Winnipesaukee may be called by this Friday, 04/14/17.   There will be no “official” ice-out for Ossipee Lake this year, but I will be watching and trying to identify the “Smart Date.”

Present conditions in the area are almost full ice cover on all of the local lakes and ponds. All locations are back to full summer level, plus Ossipee Lake is now reported to be at 408.8′ ASL.  That is 1.5 ft. above summer level and climbing.

Lots of snow remains in shaded areas and snow plow dumps. Predicted temperatures are above freezing. We had some light rain today but not much rain in the forecast. The hope is that enough of the remaining snow will melt by Sunday so that Sunrise Services can be held at the Loon Lake Pavilion.

Bob Smart

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  1. Joe Walbridge 7 years ago April 13, 2017

    Bob Thanks for your reports , much appreciated.


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