The Smart Report: Start of Summer 2017

Freedom–May 26, 2017–The “official” ice-out on Lake Ossipee was declared just five weeks ago on 4/18/17 when the water level was almost 410′ (2¾ ft. over the summer plan). Since then, the dam has remained wide open and the lake level has gone up and down several times as we have experienced a wet spring.

The start of Summer Level Management arrived late on Wednesday, 5/24/17, with the installation of all stanchions and the first layer of stop logs on the north side. So far water is going under the stop logs but the weight from installation of a few more layers should fix that. Three of the five south side gates have been closed.

The lake level is now reported at 406.38′. Should be no problem reaching the scheduled summer level of 407.25′ by June 1st.

In previous years, the plan was that the north side could not be (and was not) closed until the lake level was down to 405′. Several weeks ago, Dan at the State Dam Bureau stated he was going to watch and better understand the north side level in an attempt to avoid going down to 405′ for stanchion installation, and he did. (The crew must have new high water boots.)

Bad News: The black flies are back and they brought a big supply of mosquitoes.

Bob Smart


  1. Empty nester 7 years ago May 26, 2017

    Thanks for the report Bob. I was wondering if the level would be going down and risk beaching the boat when we put it in this weekend.
    And will be sure to stock up on mosquito repellent this year!

  2. P. W. H. Tung MD 7 years ago May 27, 2017

    Due to the heavy rainfall recently, Rte 153 just north of the Eaton Store was partially under several inches of water. I wonder if the peninsula of the Westward Shores was again inundated. If so, it speaks much against developing/expanding the property.

  3. Neil Brown 7 years ago June 8, 2017

    In the last two weeks we have seen the water level go from about 406.5’ to 407.5’ then a couple of swings up to 408’. Does anyone have a thought about this might affect the loon nesting on the lake?


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