Selectmen Will Field Sokokis Questions on Monday

Ossipee—October 26, 2017—On Monday, October 30, Ossipee officials will hold a public information session about their proposal to purchase Camp Sokokis for $1.2 million. The meeting will start at 6 p.m. at Ossipee Town Hall.

The plan has been in the works since August, when First Selectman Rick Morgan announced that the town had signed a purchase and sales agreement with the campground’s owners, Bill and Dianne Sheehan. Morgan was tasked by the Select Board to find a property to provide recreation access to Ossipee Lake after town voters in March approved seed money for such a search.

The Sokokis property, Morgan said at the time, would continue to be managed as a campground with a reduced number of campsites to accommodate parking and other amenities required for a town park. He called on residents to help the town develop an operating plan for the property.

But the community appears to be split on the issue. Opponents have been more vocal—online, in the papers, and on lawn signs. The opposition was initially sparked by rumors that the town had declined a third party’s offer to buy the property and donate part of the shorefront and parking space to the town at no cost.

Acknowledging the offer, the town said the property purchase had to continue because an agreement had already been structured with the seller, and because the donated parking area was insufficient, an explanation some found to be lacking.

Other opponents questioned the town’s ability to manage a campground business, to which the Select Board announced last week that it would permanently close the campground. Doing so, however, eliminates the anticipated revenue from the business, and appears to violate the purchase and sales agreement.

Fewer in number, at least in public forums, proponents of the plan have focused on the fact that the town has missed out on previous opportunities to own land on the lake and may never have another chance.

Purchase proponent and former elected official Harry Merrow has echoed the Select Board’s contention that the cost to taxpayers will be minimal, ranging from a $6.50 increase for a property assessed at $50,000 to $45 for a property assessed at $300,000. Opponents counter that Merrow is looking only at the bond payments and ignoring other expenses of owning and managing the property.

Questions about the plan, how it will be paid for, and how much it is likely to cost Ossipee taxpayers will come to a head this Monday when town officials will meet with residents in an open forum at Town Hall.

According to the Carroll County Independent, it is anticipated that the Select Board will present “preliminary drawings” of the park on Monday. But it appears the operating plan for the property may be on hold until after voters decide whether to authorize the purchase.

“Currently, town officials are compiling a list of people willing to serve on a committee that will determine how to best utilize the property if the vote to purchase it passes at the town meeting Nov. 28,” the Independent reported this week.



  1. Ed 7 years ago October 27, 2017

    I pay enough for lakefront now I don’t need to pay more for others. Why won’t the town accept the free donated land offer. Very bizarre and clueless not to take it!!

  2. Steve 7 years ago October 27, 2017

    Our taxes are too high already! Why should we enter into an agreement like this without a solid financial plan? This is way too open ended, WHERE IS THE PLAN?

  3. taxed to the hilt 7 years ago October 27, 2017

    absolutely no tax increase it will pay for itself
    to a slice of pizza
    now it will be a large tax increase but who knows how much ?
    there is no plan . every third day a new one comes out
    kick out the 45+ family’s that have been there for years
    you do know the town of Ossipee now has two beaches and camp Sokokis will be the third

  4. Joe Dzengeleski 7 years ago October 28, 2017

    I am not a business man, but I think that facts and figures speak louder than all these opinions. If this proposal is, in fact, a cost neutral or profitable deal for the town, it should be proven with a balance sheet of some sort. Has anyone even done this analysis? No one should have to guess whether or not it will impact taxes. If the town is incapable of showing us how they are going to profitably manage the property right now, before the vote, then they have no right to even ask the taxpayers to fund this perpetual money pit.
    We would all be better off if our tax money goes to improve education or is saved for an unexpected expense.

  5. Chris Elliot 7 years ago October 28, 2017

    My understanding is that the town also owns shorefront property on other lakes in Ossipee. I would be curious to know what the utilization of those shorefront areas are over the past few years. If they are underutilized why are we now purchasing property on the Ossipee lake. Would be the town consider selling those other properties to help fund for this expense?

  6. Keith 7 years ago October 29, 2017

    So I guess moral of the story is we need to get out and vote no…….they are not giving us straight answers .


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