The Smart Report: The Real Start of 2018

Freedom — May 12, 2018 — All but one south side gate were closed two days ago, on Thursday May 10, when the lake level was 406.3′ and going down. The next morning, all north side dam stanchions and two layers of stop logs were put in place. Lake level was 406.27’ and the level began going up. As of Saturday morning it was 406.37’.

The level is expected to continue going up and reach summer level of 407.25’ by June 1. It could go higher if we receive one of those heavy, wide spread rainstorms in the forecast.

There have been a few boats on the lake.  Last week there was one boat towing a tuber for a few minutes.

The black flies and ticks are back and doing well. Roads are in good condition. Ice and snow is gone. Time to put the dock in.

Bob Smart

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  1. Stacy 6 years ago May 13, 2018

    Thank you!


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