Paid Lake Host Positions Up for Grabs

Freedom—April 11, 2019—Want to be a Lake Host on Ossipee Lake this year? Starting this week, you can apply for one of a handful of paid positions in which you will be on the front lines of one of Ossipee Lake’s most important environmental initiatives while spending time in the summer sun.

Lake Hosts greet boaters and provide a complimentary boat inspection to uncover and destroy invasive plants as boats enter and leave the lake. If you’re selected for the program, you’ll receive a short training course and be deployed to one of the lake’s main boat ramps, at Pine River, Pequawket Trail, or Ossipee Lake Marina.

The positions pay $12 per hour, and schedules are flexible, including full-time and part-time work. The official minimum age to apply is 18, but outstanding younger candidates will be considered. Retirees and seniors are also encouraged to apply.

Ossipee Lake Alliance board member Jim McElroy is the point person for the program, which is a collaborative effort between DES, NH Lakes, and the ramp owners. As head of the program, McElroy coordinates between Freedom, Ossipee and Effingham on where and when Lake Hosts are scheduled during the season. 

A number of unpaid Lake Host positions are also available for people who want to accrue volunteer community service hours in the context of a limited work schedule. 

With only three paid positions available this year, applicants should apply early.

More information on the program and Lake Host responsibilities may be accessed at the NH Lakes website, but to apply for a position you must send an email to Jim McElroy at

In addition to your name, address, and phone number, you should briefly describe your connection to the Ossipee Lake area, why you’re interested in a Lake Host position, and whether you’re looking for a paid or volunteer position. 

Applications will be accepted on a first come, first considered basis through Friday, May 10. 


  1. Amanda Kelly 5 years ago April 11, 2019

    Can you without pay offer to help out on weekends? I am totally interested. And work during the week but would love to help free of charge. But would love the experience!

  2. David Smith 5 years ago April 11, 2019

    Amanda, yes you can volunteer. Just send a note to Jim McElroy using the link in the story and let him know what you’re interested in.

  3. Dave Clark 5 years ago April 13, 2019

    I live on Pequawket Trail in Freedom one mile from Ossipee Lake.

    I would be interested in a paid position.

    Cell Number 716-598-2667.

  4. David Smith 5 years ago April 13, 2019

    Hi Dave. We sent your contact info to Jim McElroy, but you will still need to send him an email with the information noted in the article. Good luck!

  5. Cindy Schwartz 5 years ago April 14, 2019

    I have lived in area for years . 68.
    Live on Pleasant Drive. Grew up in West Ossipee. Lived at Camp Robin Hood for 14 years. Taught water skiing with commercial license issued by Don Meader. Very familiar with lake!!
    Cindy Schwart603-539-5519
    Or text 603-520-4428 .
    Interested in paid position. Very willing to learn what I don’t know.

  6. Cindy Schwartz 5 years ago April 14, 2019

    Hope to hear from you

  7. Ossipee Lake Alliance 5 years ago April 14, 2019

    Cindy, we submitted your contact info but you should contact Jim McElroy directly, per the info in the article. Thanks and good luck!


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