The Smart Report: Memorial Day 2019

Freedom—May 26, 2019—As of 10 minutes ago, Ossipee Lake is back to the Summer Level of 407.25, just as scheduled, and just as it has been for more than 15 years, thanks to the attention and work effort of the State Dam Authority.

Just five days ago (three weeks since ice-out) the level was at 406.53 and going down to provide safe work conditions for the crew closing up the north side. 

They got the job done on Tuesday and the lake level started coming back up.   They purposely left out some top layer logs and did a partial opening of the south side.

I was at the dam Thursday morning and all was in good condition. There are several pontoon boats in the water just west of the dam.

So far no yellow pollen and few black flies. The neighbor’s grade school-age kids were in for a swim on Wednesday.

Bob Smart

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