Cyanobacteria Advisory Issued for Danforth Pond


Freedom–August 9, 2019–The state issued a cyanobacteria advisory for middle Danforth Pond today after assessing samples taken from the shoreline in the Abenaki Drive area.

The first sample quickly decayed, but a second sample was viable and was found to exceed the state’s threshold of 70,000 cells per ml of cyanobacteria. Signs were posted in the affected area advising residents and visitors to avoid contact with the water. Pets should also be kept away.

The blue-green algae of a cyanobacteria bloom is seen on Danforth Pond. DES photo.

The state’s notice stated that “observations have been noted at both ends of the pond and are likely to move through to other connected ponds.”

The advisory is not based on a toxin evaluation, and is intended as a precautionary measure for short term exposure. It will remain in effect until DES confirms that cell concentrations of the bloom have subsided.

Cyanobacteria, once known as blue-green algae, are natural components of water bodies, but blooms form when there are extra nutrients present in the water. Some cyanobacteria may produce toxins that can be harmful to humans and pets.

Danforth Pond residents and visitors are asked to be on the lookout for water that has a surface scum, changes colors, or appears to have green streaks or blue-green flecks aggregating along the shore. New blooms should be reported to the state at (603) 848-8094.




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  1. Gordon Ahlstrom 5 years ago August 10, 2019

    The latest news of the cyanobacteria warning is distressing to say the least. As a full time resident on Danforth Pond I’m left wondering what it is I can personally do to help alleviate this recurring situation. Is it the result of global climate change? Or can we as residents do more to help inform our neighbors about the use of pesticides and fertilizers? What can we do to make sure our aging septic systems aren’t leaching into the groundwater and the lake? Today I witnessed them installing warning signs on the beach at Danforth Bay Campground. Such a shame we can’t have full use of all the water activities available to us. Let me know what I can do to help. While I am disabled and rely on oxygen surely there is some way I can contribute by making phone calls or stuffing envelopes…organizing meetings etc.


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