State Finds More Milfoil at Westward Shores


Ossipee—August 18, 2019—A new survey of the waters at Westward Shores has revealed a substantial milfoil infestation around the docks of the campground’s marina.

The new infestation was discovered by an intern from the DES Exotic Species Program who was in the process of establishing GPS coordinates for the treatment of milfoil found in the campground’s boat lagoon in July. The lagoon is inland and to the south of the marina.


Milfoil was found at Westward Shores Marina, shown in the middle-right of the picture. It will be removed by the state, along with weeds found in the boat lagoon to the southwest of the marina. DES Photo

Due to the high volume of boat traffic in both areas, there is a danger that the invasive weeds will be chopped up by propellers, which is one of the primary ways invasive weeds are spread.

In an email exchange with Ossipee Lake Alliance, the campground’s manager said the campground’s boaters have been advised about the infestations, and there is a sign about milfoil at the boat launch.

DES plans to use professional divers to remove the plants this year. If that method is ineffective, chemical treatments are likely to be scheduled for next season.


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