The Smart Report: Down and Up

Freedom—April 21, 2021—It looks like the concern over the low water level of the lake is over. In previous years, the level for the year started at around 404′ and then by early April got up to 405’+ so the north side dam boards could be installed. The level was always up to the summer plan of 407.25′ by June 1.

Officials are seen at the dam, checking the lake level this month.

The north side dam boards are no longer a concern, thanks to the new dam’s design. This spring the lake level started at 406.33′ when the ice went out in early April, and then got down to 405.6′ by April 14.

The outbound flow was then reduced, so as of today the level is back up to 406.55.

Less than a foot to go by June 1 for the summer level.

Our dock is in and ready for the boat once we get last week’s snow shoveled off.

There have been a few power boats, and one group of about 8 canoes, on the bay so far this spring.

Bob Smart

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  1. John Picard 3 years ago April 22, 2021

    Been doing it a long time Bob I am surprised you were worried! JP


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