Tim Otterbach: An Autumn View from the Dam

Freedom—October 21, 2021—Tim was at the dam this week and filed this report:

The East Channel at the new dam, high and dry. The gates have been lowered 12″ and the drawdown has begun.

The serenity of Lower Berry Bay, as the drawdown progresses. Lake Elevation is currently at 406.0, on its way to 404.0. Fall has arrived.

Ossipee Lake saying goodbye to the dams, streaming towards the sea, first paying its respects to the Ossipee River, then flowing on to the Saco to greet the Atlantic and join its salty sibling.

The lake’s annual cycle nears its conclusion, as the drawdown continues. I often wonder what it must be like to be a fish, such as a salmon, experiencing their adventure back to the sea. Their life cycle continues also.

The millions of gallons of water from the lake and beyond, on the journey seaward through the three older gates, which are fully opened. A bit of energy here, unfortunately not harnessed! Soon the snow and ice will arrive and envelop the lake and bays, as they hunker down for a long winter’s sleep. See you in the spring, our mighty waters.


  1. Scott Torrey 3 years ago October 22, 2021

    Does anyone know what the final outcome is on boyles market?

  2. Sandra Alderman 3 years ago October 22, 2021

    Beautiful pictures and a beautiful narrative on the drawdown. Thank you.

    • Bob Alderman 3 years ago November 4, 2021

      I agree

  3. Richard 3 years ago October 22, 2021

    Beautiful pictures showing the results of the many hours of hard work by all who took part in the project. CONGRATS TO ALL !

  4. Frances Lebel 3 years ago October 22, 2021

    excellent pictures –fond memories from 1955 – yes I am 96!!!

    • Lee 3 years ago October 22, 2021

      Were you around in April 1957 when New England Box Company started the forest fire on Ossipee Lake Road by the Branch River? It was my grandfather’s 77th birthday. We had 3 families of cousins here to celebrate. We all had to evacuate our camps. It is the earliest memory I can put an actual date to my association to Freedom.

  5. Susan 3 years ago October 22, 2021

    I remember it well. We had a bucket brigade in the channel going into the Big Lake and doused flames as they jumped across from the Freedom side to the Ossipee side. I was only 10 and I remember it was frightening. Can’t believe we had a boat in the water that early back then!

    Interesting but off topic from the damn!!
    Great photos Tim and eloquent narrative. Thanks.

  6. Kathleen Kelley 3 years ago October 22, 2021

    Wonderful narrative and pictures! Been on Berry Bay since 1962!


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