The Smart Report: Finally, Ice and Snow

Freedom—December 29, 2021—It has been a warm winter so far, with the lake freezing over at night, but open water on Broad Bay by Noon. 

Finally, on Christmas Eve, Friday, 12/24/2021, the ice did not melt, and we had a white blanket of new snow from shore to shore. The snow remains today.

Water level on the main lake is almost a foot over normal winter level, but is going down most days.  

There remains an adequate but low water flow out of the dam to keep one of the electric generators operating.

Ice out is only 3-4 months away.  It was April 7 last spring.  

Bob Smart


  1. Lee 2 years ago December 30, 2021

    Thank you Bob, always enjoy your updates.

  2. Lee Dearborn 2 years ago December 30, 2021

    So the dam has generators? Do you know what the output is at full capacity?

    • Bob 2 years ago December 30, 2021

      There are 3 generators downstream in Maine. They’ve been there since 1920. They are used as water flow permits.

  3. Sandy 2 years ago December 30, 2021

    Thanks for keeping us informed.

  4. Scott 2 years ago January 19, 2022

    Is there any information on ice thickness on the lake for safety when ice fishing?


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