The Smart Report: A Broad Bay Webcam

Freedom—January 4, 2022—Thanks to the new ownership at Ossipee Lake Marina, there is now an online camera of the water at the launching ramp area of Broad Bay. It’s at

Today it is showing a large area of open water at the end of the launching ramp. Because of the flow from Danforth Brook, there is always some open water in this area, and it can be at least 6 ft. deep. Some snowmobile riders like to use this spot as a jump-over location when there is a smaller opening. 

I fell into this area several years ago while chasing a launched sail boat. Never did find the bottom, but caught the boat.

Bob Smart

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  1. Richard Phillips 3 years ago January 5, 2022

    In the late ‘40s early ‘50s my parents vacationed in a cabin on the beach near the Danforth Brook outlet, before there was a marina or boat launch. I remember the bottom being very sandy and sloping gradually to about 6 feet, then plunging out of sight.


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