Freedom STR Warrant Article Passes

Freedom—March 10, 2022—Freedom voters on Tuesday approved a warrant article permitting short-term rentals (STRs) provided that owners obtain a special use permit.

The vote was 142 in favor and 92 opposed.

The permit process is designed to “ensure that life safety and water quality protections are met,” according to the wording of the article.

Property owners will also have an annual limit of 90 days for such rentals.

The article had received push-back in social media posts by rental property owners, real estate developers and individuals associated with property management services.

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  1. Steve 2 years ago March 11, 2022

    There is much to be said these days about property owners, renters and quality of life for neighbors of such rentals. It seems these days owners of potential money making properties are less discriminating when it comes to renters with little to no consideration of neighbors.
    As society takes on the “JUST DO IT” lifestyle, the future holds growing discussions and more regulation.
    One thing to remember is, non-rental property owners didn’t start this. JMO


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