The Smart Report: 2022 Ice-Out

Freedom—April 8, 2022—Based on a call from my ICE WATCHER last night I am declaring ICE OUT OF OSSIPEE LAKE AT 2 P.M. ON THURSDAY, 4/07/22.

This is the same date and time as last year. There was one card-size table slab of ice floating near shore Thursday morning, but it’s all gone now.

I talked with Dan Mattaini of the Concord Dam Bureau earlier today and all is on schedule for a return to summer level of 407.25′ by June 1st.

The dam gate opening has remained the same since November, and no adjustments are anticipated until May when final adjustments (if required) are needed to be ready for the 407.25 “FULL POND” for the summer. In previous years it has been necessary to bring the lake level down to  405′ so the stop logs could be removed from the north side dam. (This dam no longer exists).

As of this morning, Emerson Aviation is reporting that enough ice remains on Winnipesaukee so the Mt. Washington cannot yet return to the summer schedule. Dan stated he is receiving the same information from the dam operator at that location. 

ALSO – The former BLUE MOON convenience store on the Lake Road (near the Danforth Bridge)is being renovated and should be open for year around take out food in a few weeks.  

Bob Smart


  1. Rosalyn 2 years ago April 9, 2022

    Awesome info, and sounds like summer is almost around the corner! Looking forward to the new Blue Moon concept.

  2. Ken 2 years ago May 6, 2022

    The lake appears to be full as of today, 5/6. Is that now the case for the rest of the summer or will it be drawn down again and back up by June 1?


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