The Smart Report: As June Approaches

Freedom—May 24, 2022—The level of Ossipee Lake has been at (or above) the normal summer level of 407.25′ since early May. The operating rule shows that this height is scheduled for June 1st.

The dam control people have been doing a great job of increasing and decreasing river flow all year long. Just this past week they increased river flow twice and then decreased it twice.

Water temperature at wet end of our dock was 70 degrees last Saturday when the air temperature was over 80.

The Marina docks are almost full, but not much boat traffic on the bay. So far, all is quiet at Camp Huckins.

Last Tuesday I had my first sandwich from the “Spot” shop on the Lake Road. Tonight, I have ordered my first “Mount Washington” sandwich for the summer from the shop near Hannaford.

Looks like a great summer ahead of us.

Bob Smart



  1. Richard 2 years ago May 25, 2022

    Love to read your reports. Keep it up.

  2. Luane Genest 2 years ago May 27, 2022

    Thanks so much Bob. We enjoy your reports! The pair of loons are back on Broad Bay. Let’s hope they have babies again this year.
    Happy Summer☀️


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