The Smart Report: Changing Seasons

Freedom—September 27, 2022—This has been a great summer on Ossipee Lake, with the water level almost always holding at 407.25, and temperatures reaching 80 degrees. The downside has been limited water flow down the river to electrical generating equipment in Maine.

The primary objective of water flow control is to maintain the 407.25 level on the lake during the summer. John Picard has done this by using the new dam control equipment.,

The plan for the winter months is to follow the same master plan established some 15 years ago, which calls for the start of the winter drawdown on Columbus Day (10/10/22) and a gradual draw down to 404.10 feet by 01/01/23. The level will start building again in March, 2023.

Ice cover should start in mid-December and be gone by end of May.


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  1. Steve Baldridge 2 years ago September 28, 2022

    What level of dangerous bacteria exists in Ossipee Lake and connecting bays, such as Berry Bay?


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