The Smart Report: Official Ice-In Date

Freedom—January 17, 2023—I looked again this morning, and the full view of the north end of Broad Bay is covered with a bright white layer of snow-covered ice. No sign of the two men who cut a hole in the ice in front of our beach yesterday.

The weather has continued to be above freezing part of most days, with some new snow now and then. Our driveway was plowed for the third time last Friday morning.

As for an official Ice Cover date, I am recording it as Jan 11, 2023 at 7 a.m.

The State of N.H. has replaced the previous (well done) lake level reporting charts with a new “and improved” report that shows next to nothing. So I have no comment on water conditions other than some water remains, and I expect there is enough flow to keep at least one generator producing electricity.


Bob Smart

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  1. Richard Knowlton 1 year ago January 18, 2023

    Just so no one, especially those who come up on weekends, who reads these comments about “ice in” thinks the lake and bays are safe. It has been way too warm and many areas that typically are frozen over are still wide open water. The snow on top of thin ice is very decieving. Be Careful!


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