NH LAKES Wants Feedback On High Water Issues

Concord—July 25, 2023—NH LAKES, the state’s non-profit advocacy organization, wants to hear from you about high-water conditions as they relate to boating safety, water quality and flood damage.

The request comes on the heels of a series of high-water events that have plagued the state’s lakes and ponds since the beginning of summer.

Earlier this month, Ossipee Lake Alliance issued a call for boaters to voluntarily slow down after it received reports of hazardous debris in the big lake and bays, and serious shoreline erosion from boat wakes.

The request was seen by close to 4,000 people and received a generally positive response. Other lake organizations issued similar calls as it became clear that Marine Patrol was not going mandate headway speed while lake levels were high.

In an email to the Alliance, NH LAKES said Marine Patrol does not have the authority to issue an emergency mandatory no-wake order. That responsibility appears to be vested in the Commissioner of the N.H. Department of Safety, to which Marine Patrol reports through the N.H. State Police.

Given the long chain of command between Marine Patrol and the Commissioner of Safety, and with erratic and extreme weather events on the rise, NH LAKES will be seeking the state’s help in coordinating rapid inter-agency responses to high-water events in the future.

Toward that, it is asking boaters and property owners to share stories and photos of their high-water experiences this year and in previous years. Your information can be posted to an online form at this NH LAKES address: https://s.pointerpro.com/lakelevel.

NH LAKES is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Concord. It’s website is at www.nhlakes.org.


  1. Edwina 11 months ago July 25, 2023

    Thank you for posting this. I did receive an email from them and will follow up.

  2. Tim Otterbach 11 months ago July 26, 2023

    With the very high water levels, even on the Bearcamp River, several jet skis were observed coming up river for the first time, travelling at inappropriate speeds. These craft created substantial wakes, which contribute to additional erosions and safety concerns for both local residents as well as the numerous kayakers and floaters headed down stream. Perhaps we need to restrict jet skis to the lakes and bays , and establish some speed restrictions in more sensitive areas and during extreme weather, high water events!

  3. Steve Foley 11 months ago July 26, 2023

    too many reporting departments. Streamline decision making and operate like a money making business, trimming fat and making decisions, aka headway speed, immediately.
    “NOT MY JOB” doesn’t float anymore.

  4. Debbie 11 months ago July 26, 2023

    Leavitt Bay on Ossipee Lake was extremely low as the rushing water was sucking water from both Leavitt and Berry in the way to the dam! Many of our boats in our Association were stuck in the sand!


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