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  1. Mike Nolan 12 years ago October 16, 2012

    Early in the summer season we heard about the class action suit with lake front home owners seeking some relief from the tax policies of Ossipee. The Ossipee Lake Alliance has not mentioned the suit since its initial reporting. I would like to see more information on this subject. Also as an out of town lake front home owner, I have been disappointed with the lack of news coming from the OLA about the lake and its surrounding area. Hopefully that will change and we can see more stories with relevance to what is happening on the lake.

  2. Alliance Editor 12 years ago October 17, 2012

    There are two property owner lawsuits against the Town of Ossipee, and the most recent story about them was posted on September 10th ( There may be little new information as the cases work their way through the court system, but we will report whatever we learn as events warrant.

  3. atony 12 years ago October 17, 2012

    This is a significant event for all of us, on the lake or not. The idea that the “people” can ban together to challenge the town government, in my opinion, is significant. You hear about class actions all the time but they are usually against large, wealthy institutions. This time it is against the town. So the courts that hear the case know full well that this could ultimately affect revenue for the state.
    So it is good to know that others are keeping an eye on this as the decision the Supreme court (regarding allowing the taxpayers to present a class action against the town) makes will speak volumes about how much control the people really have over their free society.


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