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Westward Shores Expansion Plans Fail Fact Checks

Questionable claims by SFC Engineering Partnership in regard to the campground’s ZBA special exemption application are being investigated after several organizations that SFC said they had contacted, and had support from, have denied such contact occurred. Some will be demanding a retraction from SFC, a correction to the meeting minutes, and possibly a revocation of the special exception that the ZBA granted.

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Ossipee’s Controversial Built-Out Survey Resurfaces

Ossipee’s simmering feud over a proposed land planning study shows no sign of abating. Selectman Rick Morgan has called for a meeting to determine whether the town’s Conservation Commission has the legal right to find a new source of funding for the study. Citing a similar study in Freedom, Morgan says “ultimately it [was] all about the concern over phosphorous levels in Lake Ossipee,” adding that since Ossipee is in the hills and “all its run-off ends up in the lake,” the same kind of study in Ossipee could result in “detrimental restrictions” on land use. Citing the importance of water quality in the lake, Conservation Commission chair Ron Adams reminds Morgan that “Fifty-two percent of the town’s taxes are raised from lakeshore properties.”

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