Heath Pond Bog Natural Area

In 1977, the federal government named Heath Pond Bog Natural Area a National Natural Landmark—an outstanding example of our country’s natural history.

photo-heathLocated off Route 25 not far from Pine River, this state-owned property’s abundant flora and unspoiled character make it a special place for people who are unafraid of getting a little wet to enjoy one of the lake area’s unique habitats.

The bog is colorful for three seasons of the year and is especially vibrant in the spring. It contains multiple species of rare orchids and carnivorous plants, and the banks of the pond grow over the water in places to create a “quaking bog” that undulates when stepped upon. An extraordinary place for bird-watching, it’s also home to beavers, fishers and porcupines.

Heath Pond Bog is an extremely fragile habitat with rare species for viewing, never for picking. Staying on the marked pathways will protect the preserve for future generations and help keep your feet dry.