New Owners Take Possession of Beachfront Property at Camp Sokokis

The sale of the campground is the end of Ossipee’s hopes to buy it, but not the end of the litigation surrounding it. Still to be resolved are Ossipee’s lawsuit against property owner Sheehan to recoup its expenses based on her alleged breach of contract, and Sheehan’s counter-suit for damages alleging breach of contract by the town as well as fraudulent and negligent misrepresentation. Also in the wings is a civil suit by two Ossipee residents who charged the town was unprepared for the turnout at the November 28 special town meeting.

Ossipee Selectmen Allege That Camp Owner Tried to Undermine Purchase of Beach

A Superior Court judge has issued a temporary restraining order against Camp Sokokis owner Dianne Sheehan to prevent her from selling the property to another buyer. The Ossipee Select Board accuses her of breach of contract and fraud, alleging she waged a war of words against the town in order to defeat the Nov. 28 special town meeting vote on the town’s purchase of the property. The board wants Sheehan to repay the money the town has spent on pursuing the purchase and wants a new town meeting vote without Sheehan’s interference.