Gas Station Soil Went to Lake Campground

Effingham—November 28, 2023—One of the lingering questions surrounding the installation of underground gas tanks and equipment at the former Boyle’s Market property in Effingham two years ago is what happened to the soil that was removed from the property.

Now it is known that it went to Ossipee Lake Camping Area, although the amount and how it was used are in dispute, and the state says the transfer was likely permissible under current environmental regulations.

The state believes fill removed from the former Boyle’s gas station came from this excavation to install underground gas tanks and equipment in 2021. DES Photo

The soil transfer was first reported in a letter to the N.H. Department of Environmental Services from Effingham resident Martin Casey, who alleged that approximately 20 truckloads of fill from the former gas station site was spread on the campground’s beach and playground.

Casey, who lived and worked at the campground as a groundskeeper for six years, but moved out in October, said he became concerned about the fill after campers asked him about rashes they developed after coming in contact with it.

“I knew where the sand came from and the possibility of it being contaminated,” Casey wrote to state and local officials.

In a phone call with Ossipee Lake Alliance, Robert Klein, one of the campground’s owners, confirmed the business accepted fill from the gas station, but said that he and manager Mark Garland were assured that it was safe.

Klein said he has a state permit to replenish the campground’s beach sand, but most of the delivery, which he said was smaller than what Casey claimed, was used elsewhere on the property, not on the beach and playground. He described Casey as a disgruntled employee.

Ossipee Lake Camping Area, previously known as English’s Campground, is on Leavitt Bay, approximately a half mile from the site where Conway developer Meena LLC started building a gas station at the former Boyle’s Market in May 2021 without a permit or an approved site plan.

Boyle’s Market pumped gas for almost 20 years before it abandoned that part of the business in 2015. The state’s gas station closure report documented petroleum-related chemicals at the site that included Naphthalene in concentrations above the DES Soil Remediation Standard. The EPA classifies Naphthalene as a probable carcinogen.

Rumors that soil was removed from the Boyle’s site and deposited locally prompted near-by residents to petition Effingham’s Select Board to investigate last year. When the town declined to do so, DES stepped in. The agency said the owner confirmed in a phone call that soil had been removed, but not from where the contaminants were found.

Construction debris, allegedly including electrical equipment and wiring, is piled on the campground’s shoreline. Employee turned whistleblower Martin Casey claims the business routinely burned such materials on the property. Photo: Martin Casey  

An agency official this year said his recollection from the call is that the removed soil came from the excavation area for the new tanks and equipment.

The state closely regulates what can be done with contaminated soil, but it does not require testing or a minimum amount of separation between contaminated soil and presumably uncontaminated soil in order for material to be removed from a contaminated site and repurposed elsewhere.

DES told Ossipee Lake Alliance that since the property owner stated the fill did not come from where the contamination was found, there is “no indication that it was improperly managed.”

Zoning and Burning Allegations
Former campground employee Casey also alleged that the campground violated the zoning ordinance in regard to expanding the number of campsites, and was burning hazardous materials on the property, including on the lakeshore.

Effingham’s Zoning Officer, Rebecca Boyden, said the Planning Board approved an increase in the number of campsites in 2012, but the required “as built” design document cannot be found in town records.

The Planning Board approved a second expansion in 2019, but waived the town’s requirement that the plan show “all structures on and within 200 feet of the site” after the applicant said it would be a burden to do so.

Boyden said she met with the campground’s owners and recommend that they provide the Planning Board with an “as built” plan for entire property so the board can determine if there are any irregularities that need to be corrected.

Casey said he sent the town’s Fire Chief a video and pictures of alleged illegal burning at the campground, including a picture of a large pile of construction debris on the Leavitt Bay shoreline.

Effingham Fire Chief J.T. Harmon confirmed he conducted a site visit to the campground and documented his findings. He said the owners have been made aware of the state’s open burning laws, and have been “advised to cease burning illegal materials.”

Harmon said he could not comment further as the situation “is considered an ongoing law enforcement issue.”


  1. Marty Casey 7 months ago November 29, 2023

    My only hope is that the women that broke out in a rashes after coming in contact with the sand on the beach and the children that played in the pile and broke out in rashes have no issues down the road

  2. Megan 7 months ago November 29, 2023

    Bravo for the courage of the whistleblower for making this public. Why did Effingham allow this cover up for over 2 years? Why is the developer and contractor silent on this issue? Where is the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (DES)? DES only tested the pits under the gas station where the old tanks were removed. Those tests were positive for VOC’s (20 years of being underground of a gas station, who is surprised by that). But DES did not test the rest of the gas station soils because it wasn’t going to be a gas station any longer. So this untested dirt within feet of the tested dirt intuitively has a high likelihood of contamination. DUMPING it on a beach in Ossipee Lake is not okay. But what’s worse? The actual dumping? The cover up? Or the lack of any resolve by town or state officials to do anything about it earlier?

  3. Concerned Citizen 7 months ago November 29, 2023

    When you remove tanks from the ground there is testing completed on all sidewalls of the excavation (2 per sidewall are completed in the field), at the bottom of the excavation (2 under each UST are field tested), and under every 20ft of piping. A composite sample is then collected and sent for laboratory analysis. The only area of concern was under the dispensers which is no where close to the new tank graves. The DES issued a letter of no further action to the former owners. All of the documents are available on the DES onestop document page. This is a non-issue.

  4. Anonymous 7 months ago November 29, 2023

    It’s funny that Marty is so concerned now but this happened 2 years ago and he probably helped spread it and groomed it weekly. Why wait until now to say something? He’s not concerned about anyone’s health, he is mad at the owners and trying to cause issues for them. If he was still working there you would have heard crickets from him about this. Just a disgruntled employee acting out. Everything he is complaining about he was involved in for years but all of a sudden he is concerned LoL.

  5. Kaya 7 months ago November 29, 2023

    Great job reporting on this! What the heck is wrong with the Campground? and what is wrong with the folks in Effingham for not being better at managing their own regulations and building issues? That dirt should have never been moved or should have been taking to a processing plant. and how can that campground be burning trash still AND BURNING IT NEXT TO THE LAKE? That Lake already has a ton of problems.
    More citizens need to wake up and speak out!

  6. Anonymous citizen 7 months ago November 29, 2023

    I see the campers collectively coming together for a class action lawsuit. Disgruntled employee or not, the truth is the truth and the facts are the facts. This reminds me of the movie “Civil Action.” Hopefully, no one has any long term illnesses from these events. I loved living in Ossipee. I’ll always think of it as my home town. So much has changed.

  7. anonymous 7 months ago November 29, 2023

    What Marty forgot to mention when talking to the Ossipee Lake Alliance was that HE took delivery of the sand and spread it on the beach and groomed it. As side jobs, HE demolished camps and burned the construction material on the beach.

    Marty wants you to believe by his own words that women and children came to him with rashes and then the next day went to groom more sand onto the beach and playground. If he is telling the truth about the rashes then shame on him. It is, however, a complete lie. Good riddance.

  8. Camper 7 months ago November 29, 2023

    If mr. casey concerned resident was so worried about the sand why did he allow his grandchildren to play in it every day.????bullshit .

  9. Nun yabiznez 7 months ago November 29, 2023

    I have laid on that beach all summer long never got a rash or anything else like that same with my 7 year old. Marty Casey should stop His vendetta against The owners of this campground who have been nothing but helpful to him and his family. This is nothing but a disgruntled employee who went around the camp Bad mouthing the owners to the campers.

  10. Camper at OLCA 7 months ago November 29, 2023

    Marty and his wife Lisa are known to cause trouble when they are “released” from their jobs. Aka Yankee Smoke house. As a camper I have seen with my own eyes Marty piling on all kinds of debris onto the fire and lighting it and hanging around to chat with camper. So he wasn’t really worried about toxins. And as for the sand. The sand that was added to the beach just happened this past October. Not 2 years ago when it was removed from the gas station. So I smell some BS Marty! Marty let it go and move on. Get your checked sounds like your pissed off you were let go.

  11. Allison 7 months ago November 29, 2023

    Lots of Marty bashing (I don’t know him) but no actual denial of the facts. Soil went from the gas station to the campground, confirmed by the owners. Probably legal, but maybe not the smartest decision. Town is missing important data about expansion activities at the business and has asked for documentation of what has been done. The illegal fires were real, per accounts of campers on this page and the fire chief. How is this fake news? Love him or hate him, but following the facts is usually a good idea.

  12. Admin 7 months ago November 29, 2023

    All comments are welcome if respectful. Individuals making repeated posts to make the same point will be deleted.

  13. Marty Casey 7 months ago November 29, 2023

    To those who feel I did wrong you’re absolutely right while working for OLCA I did do illegal stuff like building fires out of torn down buildings but I never added tires or waste oil or diesel I always made sure tar paper was removed yes I did exactly what I was told to do. I also helped run electrical and sewer lines even though I knew we needed permits. Ask me and I’ll show you everything I believe was done illegally and yes I was involved I worked for OLCA As far as spreading the sand yes I York raked the beach all the time but I didn’t put Boyle’s sand on the beach but I did spread it because I did what I was told and as far as I’m concerned I’ll always speak the truth and for those who defend without knowledge I feel sorry for you. You hear what you’re told and only hear one side. The campground will continue but more people will be watching what they do. I hope each fire is checked out before the fire department allows it to burn. I hope the town follows through with their requirements

  14. Know the facts 7 months ago November 29, 2023

    Facts Lisa Quit her Job at Yankee Smokehouse to start her own Business and has never caused any trouble for any employers as she is a rule follower . And She closed her business because her husband Gave his verbal notice in July and written notice later on because the owner he gave it to didn’t pass it on to the other 3 owners we planned on leaving hence the notice please before belittling people you should know all the facts just saying in my own opinion.

  15. OLCA camper 7 months ago November 29, 2023

    Shame on you Marty Casey and family for trying to destroy a campground that’s been nothing but family for years and never had any issues until you and yours showed up .. there comes a point where you need to act your age.. grow up and leave it be, the Facebook posts this article are you ever going to drop it enough is enough

  16. Camper 7 months ago November 29, 2023

    Tires waste oil and diesel??? Come on. Don’t you think we the campers might have noticed or smelled or even seen the black smoke that would cause? Please we are not stupid. Your mad so your making trouble. Be gone. Have a nice life.
    Why don’t you inform people about the 2 wheel chair vans the owners bought for you and your son. Or all the times you stayed at one of the owners homes while your son was in the hospital so you could be near him.
    Just stop causing trouble.

  17. Pudding. 7 months ago November 29, 2023

    There is only one owner people should trust. He’s the one that the other three treat like crap. The money, which is hushing the town. Is not coming from him the money hushing the town is being handed out by klien, currier and the lawyer. The thing is campers know about this. The only ones who don’t say anything in defense of the owners are because they are in fear if they do how they will react because they’ve seen it first hand. How about the fact that klien himself when someone got seriously hurt on their property instead of helping said “well this is what happens when you’re an alcoholic.” How about everyone bringing up the Casey’s DEAD SON and how much they did for the Casey’s- so because they did things for the Casey’s while their son was dying that is some how supposed to make the Casey’s shut up and not tell the truth? Their son died in that house on the property has anyone stopped to think about how difficult this all has been on them to leave a home that their very beloved son passed away. But because the owners did “all” these “things” doesn’t make them godly, doesn’t make them anything because if they truly cared about the Casey’s and their son Joshua they wouldn’t have said things like “we did everything for you when your son was dying but now you owe us money.” Because that’s all these people care about. They have bought off the town, government and specific people- campers- mark, Troy, Eric, the Harris’s and anyone else that has been put in place to replace Marty and who now have big up builds and new areas, is because the owners bought them to shut them up. The owners are not the only guilty people here. I have watched Marty suffer, Lisa suffer, Joshua their son, and his whole family due to this camp. They even were threatened by an owner then another and two days later their security camera and window were shot while Dottie, mark & his girlfriend Lisa, sat by and watched Troy as he did it. On top of that they were trying to move out when that happened and the police who it was reported to denied to come out because Joe currier called and said “his” house was shot- when the SARGENT told the Casey’s this he said to send him the security cameras videos and said he would be out to look at the window where it was shot and the footage. Guess what happened, because the owner Joe said not to investigate because HE owns the house the Sargent said well I have too because this was reported first, but guess what, Joe and klien came together and paid the Sargent and officer Brian off. Money, money is all this town cares about, who can buy them, who can get them better vehicles, police dogs, fire equipment. But let’s also put a reminder of all the people MARTY has saved, who was the first person to revive someone, instead of just standing by watching them die? Marty! Then this happened again- MARTY! Marty has done more than the owners when it comes to someone dying right in front of them. Marty and Lisa have done more for this campground and it’s campers and even neighbors than the owners. I think the owners should come clean and accept their responsibility and fate. Marty coming clean, Marty being the “whistleblower” and taking his actions, admitting his wrongdoing, while yea he was working for the campground but that doesn’t mean he’s a disgruntled employee. Marty quit because of the owners. Marty quit because the people who once said “we are family” became “you work for us, you do what we say.” And when Marty said “no I’m done, I’m not doing this.” That’s when they started to treat him and his family like crap. Also if you look into the money hungry owners take a look at your contracts anyone who is not a straight white family is paying more to be there. And the family who has direct relatives to anyone who isn’t white is the owner who is getting treated like crap by all the other owners, the owner whose family isn’t white, guess what, his family walked by and waved to someone and they said “I’m going to take them out like the KKK” I was unfortunate to be walking by also to hear these words. This is your neighborhood within this campground these are the people who are being “loyal” to the other three owners. If I was you I would take your family out of the campground, fight for your money back, that was directly handed to the owner joes wife Kristen. And find a place that wants your business and your family not just money. I’m ashamed to have known these things myself and have done nothing. Also bringing up Marty and Lisa’s grandkids is totally unacceptable and the comment about their hair being dyed- at least those kids have some personality and respect. Why don’t we talk about your kids Kristen and Joe, let’s talk about how they put Marty’s grandson who has disabilities into a headlock and their other grandson having to run up and get Lisa. How about we talk about the fact that it was YOUR OWN children who climbed up and broke the basketball net 3 times that other people had to replace. Your kids have taken paintball guns out to the lake shooting them at the Casey’s grandkids who were so scared that they couldn’t say anything because “they are the owners kids so we can’t say anything” if you want to talk about children let’s talk about your own. You want to tell the Casey’s to grow up. I think you need to tell yourself that and your kids and you should be fined for the pollution and the turtle they were going after when the Casey’s grandkids screamed to stop and the owner Joe walks up and laughs as your terrifying a kid with disabilities and his older brother. I watched the Casey’s go out on the lake early this year and clean up the lake the shore picking up glass and trash. While your children took two seconds to completely wipe out any progress. What about the fact the Casey’s care so much about the environment and nature that when the migratory birds who picked our shore and campground to lay their eggs it was the Casey’s to post signs and information it was them who put up a caution area because these birds were part of the migratory bird act and the fact that the owners said that if they weren’t gone before July 4th weekend that they were going to squash the eggs. Did it look like an eyesore for a little while, sure, but all 4 of those eggs hatched and survived and that was because of the Casey’s efforts to save them. It’s sad to know that those birds will come back to our beach every year and that instead of protecting them the owners and their minions will eliminate them which is also against the law but as you see these people are not law abiding citizens or owners of these grounds. They are mad that Marty is speaking up. And the only people who are also mad about Marty speaking up are people who also know what they are doing is wrong. Marty and his family were a blessing to us all. Marty and his family did stuff for us for years. I loved their son Joshua and their grandchildren. If their son Joshua was still alive he would be ashamed that the people he also considered family and friends would be so quick to say what they did or didn’t do for him. Joshua was and always will be a part of OLCA and I hope his spirit haunts those that talk bad and bring his name into “we did this” Joshua died in that house, in that living room… I hope he makes you regret doing to his family what you have. Want to talk about Joshua and the things you did or didn’t do when he is no longer here to say what you gifted him and his family. I’m ashamed that I have to know these owners and the campers who are talking bad about the Casey’s. Open your eyes and take a look around over the past 10 years and what this family has done for you all. Marty thank you for your hard work and dedication for all you did for me and for others you were a light and a personality here on this campground that will truly be missed. Lisa I loved your smile our talks and sometimes sassy personality but I also loved and admired how much you loved Marty, how much you loved your grandkids, your son and daughter. I will miss your grandchildren no matter their own issues your grandkids were always polite, always respectful and I loved them as my own. I remember when they looked like twins and I’m so glad to have been able to watch them grow for the last 10 years. I remember your daughter pregnant and the first time I got to meet E. This last summer I was so glad to see them and how big they got over the winter. I will miss them dearly.Casey’s Your family and your true friends will always remember you and never forget you. There will always be a void no longer on these grounds. Marty thank you for coming forward so the rest of us can. I’m going to add here though that all of these are accusations and are alleged, can be called hearsay, through the grapevine and the only proof I have is in the pudding.
    Author is welcome.

  18. Anonymous 7 months ago November 29, 2023

    Wow Puddin. That’s alot. Just curious, why do you chastise people for bringing up grandchildren (which I totally agree with you here, Puddin), but you then trash someone else’s children? Which I don’t agree with. Are you the kettle or the pot, Puddin?

    And why Puddin, haven’t you officially complained about the KKK comment until now? That would surely have the person removed if true. Is it true Puddin? Really? If it is, the shame is on you. Get off your HIGH horse. Ha, see what I did there, Puddin?

    And they really paid off a SARGENT?! It’s SERGEANT, by the way, Puddin. Pretty serious accusation, no? Have you reported that to the town or the state? Blows my mind that a guy is willing to toss away a career and maybe go to jail for a campground payoff. But, okay Puddin.

    Puddin. It’s time to take your med’s or put the bottle away. Maybe both. Westward Shores has sites open.

  19. rattesnake 7 months ago November 29, 2023

    Regardless of the background of Mr. Casey and what has happened in the past, the facts remain . The excavated material should not have been dumped at a campground where adults and children could potentially be exposed to harmul chemicals. The campground owners were wrong to create the situation and Meena was most definately wrong for not transfering the material to a registered hazardous waste site. By dumping the material at the campground, it was a win-win situation for both parties. Meena didn’t have to pay big bucks for disposal and the campground owners most surely got a bargain in the price of the sand.

  20. Old friend 7 months ago November 30, 2023

    Puddin sounds just like Marty. If fact I have heard Marty say a lot of those things.
    Ps I haven’t seen anyone speak badly of Josh.
    Marty when people leave a job they leave.
    Campers see the real you now. Karma will catch up with you.

  21. Anonymous 7 months ago November 30, 2023

    The allegations being thrown out here are pretty severe and I hope people making these allegations know the consequences they could hold. As someone whose family has been a part of this campground for generations I can wholeheartedly say that the current owners are the best owners this campground has ever seen. Never once have I questioned their integrity or actions. In regards to Marty, I know the campground did everything for him and his family so for him to show his gratitude by dragging the campgrounds name through the mud is just disrespectful. In my view the solution is very easy, test the sand if this is what its all about. But I can tell you one thing, the campground didn’t go down there themselves and pick up the sand without being told they could, so whoever game them permission is the one you should be pointing the finger at, not the owners who have done anything and everything to help make this a better place. In regards to Marty, go find another place to try to ruin, seems to be your thing.

  22. Relocated Urban Hermit 7 months ago November 30, 2023

    While several people have submitted comments regarding/criticizing the man who complained about the ongoings at the campground, perhaps they might want to consider the larger issue, that is the lack of concern from the town and the state for the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Effingham, and the surrounding areas, including those staying at the campground.
    What so many people fail to realize is that water and air pollution and contamination does not stop at property lines or even town or state borders.
    Our nations clean fresh water resources have been reduced by 25% in the past three decades, and that rate is now accelerating. In less than 10 years, only 1% of our fresh water will remain potable, without requiring some form of treatment. In the mid 70’s that number was 2%. Additionally, far too many people think, that this gas station, (or that camp ground), is no where near my home, so why need to be concerned. It’s the old “NIMBY” excuse:
    (not in my back yard). What so many people,
    (including various municipal and state personnel), fail to understand or acknowledge, is that our underground water resources (and our clean air resources) are not limited by govenmental boundaries.
    Our water resources for example, are within the Ossipee Aquifer, which 9 of our regional communities in 2 states sit atop and draw their water from. This is a collective population of over 200,000 citizens, all relying on our aquifer to provide them with clean drinking water.
    It is sad and shameful that some people cannot grasp the severity of the huge contamination probability of contamination of our aquifer. With gas stations, the question is not if there is a spill or leak, but when!!! History, confirms this. And even the safest and most advanced technology cannot prevent leaks or spills. Equipment does fail, and people do create spills, in quantities much higher than imagined.
    And when this contamination does occur, the overall costs, which will occur are not only to citizens health, but will have an impact on local economies, property values, taxes, and wildlife. And the loss of use of our natural areas is immeasurable.
    Our water resources are ones which we cannot ignore, cannot take for granted, or squander.
    Once they are gone, they’re gone for years to come and at times, forever.
    It is time to speak up, demand accountability from developers, municipalitiescand even private entities who choose to ignore the health, safety and welfare considerations of the citizens.
    We have long-standing regulations and guidelines established to protect our well-being, and we the people must demand greater oversight on the part of our municipal bodies to maintain and if necessary, enhance these protections.

  23. Matthew Roy 1-10 7 months ago November 30, 2023

    I am completely blown away at the hate in these comments. I am even more blown away that the authors don’t have the intestinal fortitude to attach their name to such comments.
    total cowardice! 🤮

  24. Marty Casey 7 months ago November 30, 2023

    Well I survived the back lash of my actions I’m so glad my family was dragged through the mud and people said alls we do is sue people. Sorry to say but we’ve never sued any former employers so that is defamation you should know before you blow keep hiding behind your no name rant. A lot of the post still mentions what the owners did for me and my family. Now nothing I did made their jobs easier did it. I followed the rules of employment and did what they asked of me. As far as me receiving the sand I’m sorry that was Mark and the owners. Mark had called one of the owners and told them what was offered for free whom ever it was jumped at the chance to free fill not caring where it came from. So you see it’s not what I’ve done it’s what the owners try to get away with. How far can you go until you’re caught. The Electrical the sewer lines the burning the removal of vegetation and its roots from the lake front. The town did a walk through as I read in a post saying the town saw nothing wrong the zoning board should get an eye exam cause you’re blind there are many infractions I could show the town folk. That’s why I have received a bogus letter telling me I could not come on the camp grounds. Not because I was a bad employee but it’s what I can show everyone who wants to see. Come on OLCA if you have nothing to hide let me show the town and DES your indiscretions as well as mine. I’d also want Jim from white mountain surveyor there as well I bet his work was moved around for your benefit. Disgruntled maybe breaking rules and regulations maybe. I hope OLCA being one or the biggest tax payer in Effingham doesn’t mean the town will turn a blind eye.

  25. Admin 7 months ago December 1, 2023

    The comments section for this story was shut off due to repeated violations of the warning to be civil and respectful, and to not post the same comments repeatedly. Diverse opinions are always welcome. Harassment, abuse, vile language and slander are unwelcome. Posters who abused the warning have been permanently banned. Stop and think before you post. Your post is a reflection of you as a person as well as your opinion.