The Alliance no longer publishes newsletters, but we maintain this section as an archive of historical news and information. Click on the dates to view the pdf of each issue.

Autumn, 2012

  • Milfoil Found in Big Lake, One of Four New Infestations
  • Safe or Unsafe? The Truth About Milfoil Chemical Treatments
  • Natural Area Continues to Rebound
  • Spotted Sandpipers Thrive on Lakes and Ponds

Spring, 2012

  • Threats To Our Lakes Will Be Focus of Alliance’s Annual Lake Reps Meeting
  • Broad-Leavitt Bay Association Active and Growing
  • The Lake’s Common Mergansers – Often Mistaken for Loons
  • Alliance at NALMS Conference
  • Hiker Explores Unique Ossipee Pine Barrens

Autumn, 2011

  • Selectmen Say State Boat Ramp Improvements Raise Milfoil Concerns
  • Preserving a Natural Lakeside Setting on North Broad Bay
  • Migrants and Dogwood Berries
  • In Memoriam: Jody Connor of DES

Summer, 2011

  • State Paying Little for Milfoil Control, Alliance Study Finds
  • New Milfoil Growth Found
  • Loon Nesting Rafts at Trout Pond
  • Berry Bay Association at 25 Years
  • Ossipee Lake’s Great Blue Herons

Spring, 2011

  • Lake Representatives to Focus on Milfoil Costs
  • Lakefront Landing Marina Goes Condo
  • Springs Common Yellowthroat
  • Revisiting the Shoreland Protection Act
  • Spring and Your Septic System

Winter, 2011

  • Leavitt Bay’s Loons Part of Statewide Gains in Nesting Success
  • Fish, Frogs and Turtles in Winter
  • Natural Area Plan Gets Fine Tuned
  • Winter’s Confusing Woodpeckers
  • Lake Auld Lang Syne 2010 – The Year in Review

Autumn, 2010

  • Seeking Answers on the Natural Level of Lake
  • A Perfect Day for Water Testing
  • Freedom’s Milfoil Management Plan
  • Hansen Joins Alliance Board
  • The Shoreline in Autumn

Summer, 2010

  • New Evidence in 410 Rule Debate
  • Managing Milfoil in Freedom
  • Kingbirds Return to the Lake
  • Freedom Old Home Week Events
  • The 4th of July – 1857 Style

Spring, 2010

  • Tri-Town Milfoil Committee Formed
  • Ground Hog Day and the Donald Lee Case
  • A Contrarian View of Invasives
  • The Loons of Ossipee Lake
  • Freedom’s Cardboard Boat Race
  • Freedom Voter’s Wary of New Debt

Winter 2010

  • State Legislation Will Seek $5 Million to Fund Milfoil Control
  • UNH Studying Ossipee Lake’s Mussels
  • Repair Project Highlights Importance of Ossipee Lake Dam
  • Lake Auld Lang Syne 2009 – The Year in Review

Autumn, 2009

  • Natural Area Plan is Working
  • Lake Draws Generations to Reunion
  • Family Finds Solace in Local Donations
  • Eleanor Mangini MacCarthy
  • Things Not Done, Roads Not Taken
  • In Vermont, Milfoil is Used as Mulch and Eyed As A Source of Electricity

Summer, 2009

  • New Era for Ossipee Lake Natural Area
  • Making of a Lake Coalition
  • Boaters Will Communicate for Success
  • New State Rules Balance All Interests
  • Ossipee Lake’s Rare Plants and Natural Communities
  • Marine Patrol Will Monitor Shoreline for Compliance
  • Annual Water Testing is Part of the Plan
  • A New Norm for Cooperation

Spring, 2009

  • Dam Repairs Moving Forward Slowly
  • Robert Frost on Ossipee Mountain
  • Freedom Slows Municipal Land Purchase
  • Ossipee Lake is Now Socially Networked
  • Try the State’s Fire Tower Quest
  • NH Fire Lookout Towers: A Short History
  • DES Changes in Shoreland Protection Act

Winter, 2009

  • Water Transparency Declines
  • State’s Best Kept Secret – Seedling Program
  • Natural Area Working Group Begin Work Advising State
  • State Bats Face Debilitating Disease
  • “Freedom Cares” Has Long Term View in Planning
  • Lee Case – Contempt Motions to Be Heard
  • Ossipee ZBA Denies Webcam Case Appeal

Autumn, 2008

  • Ossipee Lake Natural Area Gets Management Plan
  • Lingering Lee Case Passes 20 Year Mark
  • State May Fund Danforth Milfoil Plan
  • More Memories of Camp Wakuta
  • Pequawket Ramp’s Managing Lake Host

Spring-Summer, 2008

  • Alliance Programs Mark Five Years
  • Deep, Deeper and Deepest – Deep Spots on the Lake
  • Alliance and Ward’s Boat Shop Support Lake Hosts
  • Go Fish
  • A History of Camp Wakuta, Freedom
  • Shaw – Great to Look at From the Lake, Even Better to Hike

Winter, 2008

  • Milfoil Challenges Ahead for Danforth Pond
  • Freedom Selectmen Appeal Marina Decision
  • 2008 Lakes Legislation Agenda
  • Webcam Offers Year-Round Lake View

Autumn, 2007

  • DRED Closes Natural Area Shoreline, Promises Management Plan
  • Danforth Pond Gets Organized
  • Shoreland Protection Increased with New State Laws
  • Barry Hill, Local Historian, Remembered

Summer, 2007

  • Lake Representatives Set Course
  • Priceless View Comes With a Price Tag: Viewshed on Route 16 Saved
  • Tales of Ossipee Lake: Fire and Ice
  • The “Perched” Beach Solution
  • Remembering Shawtown, Part 4: Mary’s Mountain Offers Great Views

Spring, 2007

  • State Planning Dam Improvements
  • NY Times Discovers Ossipee
  • Ossipee Lake Marina Case Headed to State Court
  • Remembering Shawtown, Part 3: Abandoned Shawtown Returns to Forest
  • Buying the Woods of Trout Pond for Freedom Town Forest
  • Busy Year for Lake Hosts at Ossipee’s Town Boat Ramp
  • State Requires Lake Management Plan

Winter, 2007

  • Lake Representatives to Meet in Spring
  • Verdict in Bluffs vs. Lee Trial Years in the Making
  • Lake History in the Works
  • Sammis Memorial Fund Established
  • Remembering Shawtown, Part 2: Freedom’s Lost School District
  • 2007 Lake Survey

Autumn, 2006

  • Saving the Bearcamp’s Whittier Covered Bridge
  • Keeping Watch Over Green Mountain
  • Tales of Ossipee Lake: North Country Weather
  • More Milfoil Removed
  • Remembering Shawtown, Part 1: Freedom’s Lost Neighborhood

Summer, 2006

  • Ossipee Hosting Lake Hosts This Summer
  • Weetamoe Girls Camp Cabins Become Lakeside Condo-Cottages
  • Tales of Ossipee Lake: Animals with Bad Reputations & Changes of Season
  • Reducing Runoff On Your Lake Property

Spring, 2006

  • Ossipee Lake Marina Case Back in the News
  • Vanished Indian Mound Camps; A Taste of History
  • Hydrilla, Too Close for Comfort
  • More Ossipee Pine Barrens Protected by Nature Consesrvancy

Winter, 2006

  • Wind, Rain, Flooding and Early Ice: Rapid Drawdown Followed by Flooding and Early Ice
  • High Taxes on the Lake, Grandparents Labor to Stay on Ossipee Lake
  • Know the Rules for Town Meeting
  • Long Sands Study Released

Autumn, 2005

  • Turning Point for Ossipee Lake Natural Area
  • A Camp for the Kamps on Berry Bay
  • ESP (Exotic Species Prevention) Program Wraps up First Year
  • Leasing State Land for Private Gain
  • A Walk in the Natural Area with Barry Hellquist

Summer, 2005

  • Legendary Barry Barracuda-Return of Vintage Boat
  • Boat Ramp Owners Participating in Alliance’s New ESP Mifoil Prevention Program
  • Research on Impact of Lake Water Levels
  • Tales of Ossipee Lake: Aliens, Floating Rocks and Bears!
  • Lake Snaps – Photos

Spring, 2005

  • Boat Ramp Owners Will Get Milfoil Prevention Help
  • State Permits Now Required for Anchored Floats

Winter, 2005

  • Towns Consider the Cost of Milfoil as More is Found
  • Higher Water Level in the Fall; New Ruling to Keep water at 407.25 until Columbus Day

Autumn, 2004

  • Divers Favored to Control Spread of Variable Milfoil
  • Alliance Weed Watchers Program in High Gear; Milfoil in Ossipee River
  • Barre Hellquist Joins Alliance Board of Directors
  • Notes on Managing the Height of the Lake – Dam Plays Important Role

Summer, 2004

  • Tales of Ossipee Lake: Mysteries of Shawtown and Milfoil
  • Tamworth’s Race Track’s Impact on Ossipee Lake Still Unknown
  • Weed Watchers Hit the Lake
  • 2004 Water Tests Set to Start
  • Boat Counting Synchs Up with State Programs

Spring, 2004

  • Community Initiative Will Take Aim at Milfoil
  • Voters Approve Environmental Funds, Reject Zoning Change
  • Ossipee Lake Marina Case Ends Suddenly
  • State Agency Promises More for Less in Water Testing
  • Ossipee Lake’s Postcard Past
  • Controlled Burns Needed for Pine Barrens

Winter, 2004

  • State Seeks Approvals for Leavitt Bay Milfoil Plan
  • Court Ponders Ossipee Lake Marina Expansion
  • 2003 Lake Host Statistics Released
  • E-Mail News Service Connects Lake Community

Year-End, 2003, Project Report

  • New Board of Directors for 2004
  • LEAP 2003
  • Tales of Ossipee Lake
  • Protecting Rare Habitats
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Lake Host Program
  • Capacity Building Initiatives

Autumn, 2003

  • Treatment of Leavitt Bay Milfoil will be Discussed
  • A Summer’s Education on Ossipee Lake
  • Tales of Ossipee Lake: Perfection to a Fault, Ghost Story
  • Lake Associations Name New Officers
  • Aggressive Milfoil Measures in Maine – Milfoil and Hydrilla
  • Cassie Cove and Spindle Point at Issue Again

Summer, 2003

  • Lake Research for LEAP 2003 Program
  • Tales of Ossipee Lake: Quicksand, Quakes and Quackery
  • Ossipee Lake Marina Case Update
  • Water Quality Monitoring Begins
  • Lakes Legislation Sputters
  • Lake Hosts Return to Pine River Boat Ramp

Spring, 2003


Winter, 2003


Autumn, 2002

  • Lake Host Program Wraps Up First Summer Season
  • Marina Issues Move to State Court
  • Alliance Hosts DES Presentation on Source Water Protection
  • Broad Bay Alliance Looks Back and Ahead to 2003

Summer, 2002

  • Marina Stalemate Continues
  • Broad Bay Alliance Wins Grant
  • Water and Milfoil at Issue
  • Tales of Ossipee Lake: Quicksand, Quakes and Quackery
  • Ossipee Lake Marina Case Update